Looking for an online iOS app for TMDb API? Stop searching. TMDb Movie App is a simple, intuitive, stable and feature-rich app that is just designed for the TMDb API usage

You can get your API key from the TMDb and get started using this app

Note: This app is only configured for the TMDb API. If you need a back-end server or Firebase database for your company, please contact us.


  • Light and Dark mode support
  • Simple, clean and intuitive user interface
  • Beautiful and professional design
  • Super lightweight application

No [PROGRAMMING] Skills is Required


  • Native and Clean code (easy to customize)
  • Fully step by step documentation
  • 100% Ready to style and publish on AppStore
  • Developed by Swift 5 the latest design patterns
  • Easy to re-skin


Feel free to ask questions!

Changelog :

V.1.0 (08/18/2020)
- Initial release