Also it is available for Android

With this application, users can analyze what is going on in your Instagram accounts in great detail.

With various analysis options, users can quickly access a lot of information about your posts and followers.

Users can quickly organize the users you follow with the options to follow and unfollow.

Features of App:

  • Follower Analytics, User can list users who blocked.
  • Post Performance Analytics
  • Story Performance Analytics
  • Users can see all archived story data with viewers
  • Multiple user support
  • Google In-App-Purchase Subscription integrated
  • Google Admob Ads integrated
  • Watch Stories secretly
  • View friend’s profile and post, story
  • Search users and view their profile details in app.
  • Users can be bookmarked and listed these bookmarked users in favorite user list
  • Multiple language support.
  • App Rating integrated and saved to firebase db
  • In app purchase and logins activities are logged in firebase db
  • Firebase Crashlytics integrated.
  • Firebase Remote Config integrated. Force Version update check via Remote Config.
  • Clean and elegant graphics
  • Developed with SwiftUI, newest UI framework of Apple on Xcode 12
  • App supports iOS 14 or above.

Important notice: One license key will be given with this application and one application can be published with this license key. The license key will be given exclusively to your package ID. For detailed information on this subject, you can contact us at or visit

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