Ultimate Racer is a physics-based endless racing game against traffic. Taste traffic vehicles faster, earn points, and upgrade your cars.

Demo APK: Download APK

Package Contains:

  • 4 Player Vehicles.
  • 3 Levels.
  • User-Friendly Editor Scripts and Editor Windows for creating use your own content.
  • All Necessary Scripts, Materials, Textures, Sound FX, etc.

Leading Features:

  • Tested and ready for deployment for PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and WebGL (Not tested on WP, but should work fine).
  • FPS, TPS, and Top camera modes.
  • Pooling lightmapped roads.
  • Optimized traffic cars without wheel colliders.
  • Lane switching traffic cars.
  • Unlockable Cars.
  • Upgradable Cars (You can edit cars, prices, their upgrades from editor easily).
  • Easy to use, highly customizable.

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