This software or source code contains:-
1. Dashboard
a. Information about today’s sale and overall sales
b. Information about the overall purchase and today’s Purchase
c. total no of product, Suppliers, Expenses, Invoices, Purchases, Customer, etc
d. Information about the medicine having quantity less than 10
e. Information about the medicine having expiry date less than 1 month
2. Pharmacy Shelf details
3. Categories
4. Supplier Information
5.Customer Information
6. Medicine Information
7. Expense information
8.Purchase Information
9. Sale information (Save all the invoices )
10.Invoice creating Module(you can create an invoice by Barcode, by product code, or by product name through clicking on medicine image)
11.Reports(you can create reports from 1 day to 100 years)
12.User Accounts(give access to anyone to your software as a user or admin)

Note: Admin can delete and update the invoices and product Users can not have access to delete or update any invoices. To avoid corruption we have created two modules admin and user panel.