Hero Rescue 2 is a huge improvement over our previous version of Hero Rescue, featuring fun and vivid graphics and sound, and new challenges mixing today’s best game genres.

If you are looking for an adventure role-playing game that mixes up many of today’s most popular game genres such as battery drain, puzzle solving, digging, search for treasure, … then Hero Rescue 2 is the perfect choice. perfect for you!

1_Find the treasure and become the richest and most generous knight in the kingdom!
2_Save the princess from danger so she can feel your love
3_Browse the rooms and choose from different actions: only one option to win
4_Shoot down your enemies by throwing them in lava, poisoning him, picking up your weapons to fight him or making them fight by draining the batteries
5_Soil: create a correct path by digging the earth to destroy demons or by foraging to save your life

APK Demo: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17hhgxf6zqVe-PXA4IKtVICWxK1URhqzI/view?usp=sharing


Addictive one-touch gameplay

Smooth control, eye-catching graphics

Easy to play

100 great designed levels

Easy to create more levels

We have tutorial videos to create more levels

Ton of physic object

2D nice graphic and easy to reskin

Mobile control (support IOS and Android)

Admob (Interstital and banner)

Unity Ads (fill rate 100% for Admob) and reward video

In App Purchase (Remove Ads)

Unity 2019.x   

Commented C# code with detailed documentation

Optimized for mobile

Free-to-use assets (fonts, sounds, music, models, etc.)

Ready to publish out-of-the-box

– Requires Unity 2019.4.0f1 or higher versions
– Xcode to build for iOS
– Please read the documentation for instruction on how to setup and reskin.