This app allows you to browse, select, compress and share videos from your mobile device in just a few taps. Video file compression works without noticeable quality loss. All video files are encoded in an MP4 container with AAC audio that allows 100% compatibility with Safari, Mozila, Chrome, Android and iOS.

App is good for (but not limited to) this common use-cases:

  • Force your video to be compatible with most popular devices and platforms;
  • Save your cellphone data plan when you’re on the go and need to send video to someone;
  • Reduce file size of screen-casts before sharing them with anyone;
  • Any situation when you need to reduce video file size without noticeable quality loosing;

Key features

  • Works offline;
  • Cross-platform (supports Android >= 8.0 and iOS >= 12);
  • Tablets and smartphones support (adopts to different screens sizes);
  • Dark Theme support;
  • Compression implemented with 100% native code (no FFMPEG);
  • Preview videos before sharing;
  • Compression settings;
  • Detailed documentation.


App is build with Flutter v1.22 – an open-source mobile application development SDK created by Google. You can run this app on both iOS and Android platforms.

Used open-source libs:

  • video_compress
  • video_player
  • permission_handler
  • photo_gallery
  • transparent_image
  • responsive_layout_builder
  • share_it
  • receive_sharing_intent
  • shared_preferences_settings
  • palette_generator
  • avatar_glow
  • photo_view

Try it at Google Play before you buy.