If you don’t have Buildbox software, you still can purchase my games. You’ll need just prepare your IDs, and I’ll export project for you.

Virus Escape (Coronavirus) – Buildbox – Android game – Easy To Reskine

Simple and interesting game
Very challenging game with very addictive design and gameplay. You need to jump with your person and try to avoid the virus (covid19). Jump thru the circle and make your best score. Use Face Mask to protect yourself from coronavirus for some time and collect coins to unlock all characters.

Game Features:
– Free to play
– One finger control
– Endless gameplay

Only 1% Pass 100

BUILDBOX file IS INCLUDED (version 2.3.13 or above)

Virus Escape (Coronavirus)

All questions write to: pro.games.main@gmail.com


  • Ready to store
  • Full Game Template
  • Easy to Reskin
  • Unlimited Re Skin Potential
  • Includes detailed Documentation
  • 100 Challenging levels
  • 8 different characters
  • Endless Game Play
  • Ads Installed: ADMOB
  • Game Center
  • Share
  • Rate Buttons

This is a exported project from BuildBox software, thus, you will be able to reskin only .PNG images, there won’t be an opportunity to modify levels. If you want to get BuildBox Project contact me pro.games.main@gmail.com, Thank you.

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