VoxelBirds is a game about flying a bird through different locations.
During the game itself, you need to bypass various drugs in the form of cars, signs.
The longer the player holds out, the more points he will get at the end.
That’s how the location is scattered with feathers that can be collected and then exchanged for skins.

APK demo:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QQ6AL4QU5LzTz50A-M9nhgB7UPJHu3lN/view?usp=sharing


-64bits architecture

-40 skins birds

-Five game worlds

-Admob and FacebookSDK

-Good graphics

-Full source code, 3D models(fbx format)



Unity 3D version 2019.4.8f1 or higher.


Install unity 2019.4.8f1 or higher version to load up the project and see the PDF file for details about editing, reskining and etc.