Wala was released! The first app to exchange Google Opinion Rewards balance for cash.

With Wala, users can exchange their Google Opinion Rewards balances for cash in their PayPal wallet. You, creator, earn 20% on each transaction, a cash machine app.

Wala - Google Opinion Rewards Exchange App - 1
Wala - Google Opinion Rewards Exchange App - 2How it works?

The user purchases an item of a certain value in Wala, Wala receives it from Google and the owner of Wala pays the user. The user receives 50% of what he exchanges. For example: The user has $10 in his Google Play wallet and wants to exchange for cash, the user downloads Wala, spends his $10 in exchange for $5. 30% of the value stay with Google and 20% with you.


  • 100% translatable
  • Offline documentation
  • Programming difficulty: average
  • Admob and Facebook Ads can be implemented
  • Payment method can be changed
  • Google Play Billing 3.0
  • Secure API
  • Simple and clean code/app
  • Material Design included

Admin Panel


November 11, 2020

- Admin Panel release

November 10, 2020

- Initial release