WhatsupFire is a React Native application that allow to have a real-time chat with contacts (Like Whatsapp). User can send and share images and update the daily stories with Firebase as a backend server.
WhatsupFire uses Firebase Storage for storing the data and images. WhatsupFire is one-to-one Chat application with the stories update for 24 hours.

WhatsupFire uses Firebase Phone Auth for its authentication

WhatsupFire is fast, secure and easier to use.

WhatsupFire is ready to be used with a basic/free Firebase Account

Note: Installing the demo app will throw an error of Play Protect, just simply disable the Play Protect for demo purpose. as this happens if you didn’t upload the app on Play Store or is not a play protect listed developer, you can further google on play protect policy.

Users Features:

  • Send, receive messages.
  • Authentication & Registeration Page
  • Phone Number authentication
  • Share & upload images
  • User Story update of 24 Hours

and much more…

Version 1.0