The digital world needs the best informational technology that is developed digitally and is also in the part of advantages in people’s daily lives. The hectic schedule of people developing brings out the load of work, all these best apps minimize the workload and gives the smart innovation and the schedule to people. Especially those who own great shops need the growth in the name of the sales. The more sales mean the more growth that interacts with the multiple targeted audiences and also has the willingness to take the business to next level, this can only happen when the platform is developed in the online platforms. The online platforms allow outgrowing to the maximum reach of the people. 

The developers have got your back with the best-developed application for you. Delicart is the best-developed applications for a business like E-Commerce in the market. The market that is evolving in the online field is E-commerce as it has all the options for the users to order everything online for your need. The business vendors can register their company and shops under Delicart and can evolve their business to the next level of growth. The audiences that interact will be available from remote places, so the exposures will not be limited. Hence this is something that brings out the win-win situation and benefits on both sides. Delicart will allow you to order and search online for what is needed and makes it super easy to have it at your door.  




  • Particular product variants

  • Image effect and the angle photos

  • Color options

  • Price

  • Add to favorites

  • Details and reviews

  • Product description

  • Add to cart 

  • Zoom the photo slider and more. 



  • Multiple payment gateways

  • Product quantity mention

  • Coupon codes

  • Discounted price

  • Total 

  • Location controller for the delivery 

  • Confirmation screen for the received order. 


Personal profile management 


Customer support

Privacy policy 

Login with multiple platforms