Here is a difficult puzzle game with a solution. Intelligence for children, boys and girls. It is one of the first entertaining games at the Arab level to solve difficult and easy puzzles with the solution in one word. In this game you will find a puzzle. You will develop your memory and mind and develop mental abilities.
Challenge your friends to find out who is the smartest and show them that you are the smartest among them, know your level of intelligence

Game features:

Puzzles for young children with a solution contain many interesting and many riddles

  • Easy to reskin
  • The game has an attractive and modern design, which is also easy to use  
  • You can share the puzzles with your friends
  • Modern User Interface
  • Ready to publish
  • Contains difficult and easy puzzle and puzzles
  • Timer auto off function
  • Admob Ads integrated
  • Developed with Android Studio & Gradle
  • Material design following Android Design Guidelines
  • Support for high-resolution displays (xxxhdpi)
  • Top quality clean code
  • Easy configuration
  • Free support
  • Well documentation