Yellow Pages Listings Scraper

Scrape information about business listings from Yellow Pages into Excel easily containing business name, complete address, email address, phone number, ratings, reviews, location, website and more.

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  • Scrape business name
  • Scrape complete address
  • Scrape email address
  • Scrape phone number
  • Scrape ratings & reviews
  • Scrape location & website
  • Export data to Excel


See README.pdf file inside main archive.


Source code is not included with any of the license variants.


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1.0.0 – 16/07/2020

  1. Initial stable release.

Names and logos used are property of their respective owners. This tool is not affiliated with any brand or website. Buyer must use the software responsibly and adhere to the website terms or usage policy (or whatever applicable). This tool automates a natural human’s behaviour to save his/her time in manually collecting PUBLICLY AVAILABLE data and we do not take responsibility on how the buyer uses this software.